I would rather loose _____ than loose my Cell Phone?

        A Verizon survey asked people what they’d rather lose than their phone. Here are the results 1.  9% would rather lose their vacation days. 2.  7% would rather lose their keys. 3.  6% would rather lose their bed.  Really? 4.  5% would rather lose their FRIENDS. 5.  4% would rather lose … More I would rather loose _____ than loose my Cell Phone?

Top 10 Lies

Top 10 Lies Women Tell “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.” “This isn’t new, I’ve had it forever.” “It wasn’t that expensive.” “It was on sale.” “I’m on my way.” “I don’t know where that is, I haven’t touched it.” “I didn’t drink that much.” “I’ve got a headache.” “No, I didn’t throw that away.” “Sorry, I … More Top 10 Lies

The Most ICONIC Outfit of All-Time?

#1. Marilyn Monroe and the white dress she wore in the film The Seven Year Itch #2. Dorothy’s ruby slippers, worn with her gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz and #3. Olivia Newton–John’s infamous ‘come –back’ outfit in Grease of black leather trousers, red mules and red lips came in at number three. #4. Baywatch Red swimming Suit #5. Michael … More The Most ICONIC Outfit of All-Time?

Good Looks = Better Career (It’s Science)

Researchers looked at more than 8,000 men and women in Wisconsin. They analyzed each person’s career, and tried to figure out what factors had the strongest connection with success. And they found GOOD LOOKS had more of an impact on people’s success than IQ, education, or their parents’ education. In fact, good looks are really … More Good Looks = Better Career (It’s Science)

What is our most important document? (New Survey)

24% of Americans say FAMILY PHOTOS 16% say Social Security card 15% say birth certificate 9% say financial info 8% say their passport 6% say marriage certificate 6% say their will 4% say kids’ first drawings Other Findings: 20% of people say they’ve previously lost their most valuable document 31% say they couldn’t locate all … More What is our most important document? (New Survey)