Top 10 Unwanted Gifts of 2013

Men don't want:
  • Socks
  • A Bad sweater
  • Books they’ve already read
  • Cheap cologne or toiletries
  • Slippers
  • A mug
  • A Calendar
  • Chocolate
  • A Handkerchief
  • Second-hand stuff
Women don't want:
  • Cheap perfume or toiletries
  • Cheap jewelry
  • Make-up that isn’t right for them
  • A bad sweater
  • Candles
  • Second-hand stuff
  • Books they’ve already read
  • Chocolate
  • A scarf
  • A calendar


  • Women spend over 13 hours looking for the perfect gift for their mate
  • While men spend only 4 hours.

So what SHOULD you get someone?

  • A separate study in the “Journal of Consumer Research” says you shouldn’t try to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone . . . you’ll just end up overthinking it and FAILING.
  • Instead, come up with ONE good idea and buy the same thing for everyone on your list. Yes, the gift will be a little more generic . . . but that could be a GOOD thing, since it will also be popular

( Yahoo / eScience News)


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